PPP stages big demonstration against price-hike, gas shortage


PPP stages big demo outside Karachi Press Club against price-hike, natural gas shortage Karachi The Pakistan People’s Party, Karachi Division organised a big public demonstration outside Press Club on Saturday to protest against unprecedented hike in the prices of essential and petroleum products and curtailment of natural gas supply to the residents of Sindh.

The PPP provincial and Karachi leaders who addressed the participants of the demonstration said that it was high time the incumbent Prime Minister should suffer in the same callous manner the countrymen had been suffering due to the issue of inflation and price-hike.

They mentioned that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was going to lead the long march to be held from Karachi to Islamabad as the PPP’s Chairman wouldn’t return from the federal capital city before sending packing the incumbent PM.

Those who took part in the protest demonstration vocally raised slogans against the present rulers belonging to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.Speaking on the occasion, PPP Sindh President, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, paid tribute to Bilawal for leading from the forefront the struggle to salvage the country. He said that people in every district of Sindh would warmly welcome the PPP Chairman during the upcoming long march of the party from Karachi to Islamabad.

He said that Bilawal had carried forward the mission of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to uphold the democratic rule in the country.

Khuhro mentioned that PPP Chairman had decided to conduct the long march without getting any signal from any influential quarter. He said the people of the country would emerge victorious as the result of the PPP’s upcoming long march.

Khuhro advised the incumbent PM to immediately step down while acknowledging his utter failure to manage governance in the country. He said the PPP’s struggle would continue till the dismissal of the present government.

Khuhro said that every community in the country had been immensely suffering due to the issue of massive price-hike and inflation as this hardship would come to an end only after getting rid of the present rulers in Islamabad.

Also speaking on the occasion, Sindh Information and Labour Minister, Saeed Ghani, said that hundreds of thousands of people of Karachi would become part of the long march commencing from February 27 to reach Islamabad.He mentioned that the per litre price of petrol was as low as Rs 87 when Imran Khan had come into power as it had now increased to Rs 160. He said the people in the country would soon have to suffer an increase in electricity rates after hike in the petrol price.

He said the present rulers hadn’t been uttering a single word on the issue of petrol price hike. Saeed Ghani, who is also PPP Karachi President, said the chief of Sui Southern Gas Company had conceded that the natural gas produced in Sindh was being diverted to other provinces in the country.

He said the natural resources of Sindh were being usurped by the rulers in the centre. He said that increase in the price of petrol would continue as the result of the secret accord signed by the present government with the International Monetary Fund.

He said the Bilawal had become the first Opposition leader in the country who had raised his voice on all such genuine public issues as the struggle of the PPP’s Chairman would continue till the dismissal of the present PTI’s government.

PPP’s Sindh General-Secretary, Waqar Mehdi, said that agitation by People’s Party had started the day the present government was formed.

He said the deprived sections of the society had to immensely suffer due to the anti-people economic policies of the present government. He said that Bilawal would be elected as the new prime minister of the country as the result of next general elections.

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