PPP demands governorship, three ministries in Punjab


Pakistan People’s Party has demanded governorship and three ministries, including senior minister-ship in Punjab.

Sources said that the PPP has devised its recommendations for power sharing in the most populous province. The final decision on the power sharing will be taken in consultation with the main ally, PML-N.

The PPP proposed the name of its parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly, Hassan Murtaza, for the post of senior minister. The party has demanded ministry of finance and ministry of agriculture for Makhdoom Usman and Ali Haider Gilani, respectively, said the sources. In addition, the PPP has also demanded governorship and nominated Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood for the post.

The party is also eyeing the posts of communication ministry, an advisor, a special assistant and a parliamentary secretary, they said, adding chairman and co-chairman PPP will soon hold a final consultation with the leadership of PML-N.