Power shortfall reaches 6,000mw


Electricity shortfall in the country has peaked at 6,000 MW after power plants face a supply shortage of oil and gas, resulting in upto 12 hours of loadshedding nationwide.

According to sources, the overall demand for electricity has reached 25,500 MW against the availability of 18,700 MW resulting in a shortfall of 6,000 MW.

“The shortfall has resulted in six hours of loadshedding in urban centres and 12 hours of power outages in rural areas,” they said. They further said that the LESCO is facing a shortfall of 600 MW, causing upto three hours of load-shedding. “DISCOs have not shared any schedule for any power outage,” they said.

The sources shared that lack of fuel and gas supply to the power plants have resulted in the shortfall and once it will be overcome, the situation will improve.

South Asia has been in the grip of an extreme heatwave since last month, with parts of Pakistan reaching a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius as officials warned of acute water shortages and a health threat.—NNI