Power load shedding due to technical faults in power plants


Hammad clarifies situation about load shedding

Mohammad Arshad

Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar, Wednesday, clarified the reasons behind the unannounced power load shedding in different areas of the country in last 48 hours saying has said that power load shedding in different areas of the country during last 48 hours is due to technical faults at power plants.

The unannounced power load shedding reminded the people era of Pakistan People’s Party in power when people had to bear the pain of hours’ long load shedding.

The government has also come under severe criticism on account of this load shedding from various segments of the society.

However, Hammad Azhar said that situation regarding smooth power supply will start improving by midnight because arrangements to get power from alternative lines are being made.

According to Power Division, Minister said that supply of 1100 megawatt power to national grid will start from midnight and 3000 megawatt additional power will also be put in national system.

Hammad said that closure of some power plants resulted in the power load shedding in last 48 hours and effective bids had been made to meet the power supply deficiency by putting power into national supply system from some alternative lines.

In this regard, Minister said that 3000megawatt power would return to national power supply system in next four to six days due to improving water outflow from Tarbella dam in result of upcoming rainy season.

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