Poverty reduction policies must to face economic crisis: Altaf

Staff Reporter

Unbridled inflation has opened floodgates to poverty and millions of families face stark hunger, said Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here on Sunday, adding policies aimed at poverty reduction are must to avert the worst crisis looming large over the country.

In a statement, he said the dream of a new Pakistan has turned soar. He said wrong economic policies have resulted in a tsunami of price hike, making common man very difficult to feed their families.

He said food inflation is rising with every passing day. Hunger, joblessness and diseases have pushed the poor people to brink of suicides.

He said the self-claimed expert economic team of the sitting government has proved a spectacular failure and the country is facing the worst economic crisis of its history.

He said electricity, gas and other utilities are being costlier day by day. He said education, health care, housing, public transport, agriculture and other key sectors are in shambles. He said industry and commerce are on a verge of collapse and joblessness is at its peak.

He said the promise of obe Crore jobs has proved to be a farce. He said the sitting government has already spent two third of its tenure but it is still blaming everything to the past governments, which shows its failure and escapism. He said there is no hope and no future for the Pakistani youth.

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