Posters appeal IIOJK people to observe August 15 as Black Day


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, posters have appeared in different areas of the territory and on social media platforms, urging the people of the territory to observe complete shutdown on August 15, the Indian Independence Day, and mark it as a Black Day.

The posters displayed in different parts of Kashmir and released on social media are aimed at registering protest against India’s illegal occupation of their homeland since October 1947 and Modi-led fascist Indian government’s illegal and brutal actions since August 5, 2019.

The posters said that the people of IIOJK had rejected the Indian illegal and military occupation and demanded immediate release of all illegally detained Kashmiri political leaders.

They further said that India had occupied Jammu and Kashmir against the will of the Kashmiri people and the Kashmiris would continue their struggle till complete freedom from the Indian yoke.—KMS


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