Indian troops targeting youth to suppress Kashmiris’ struggle



The Indian troops, under black laws, are openly targeting, arresting and killing innocent Kashmiri youth during cordon and search operations and fake encounters across the territory to suppress the Kashmiris’ ongoing struggle for securing their right to self-determination.

According to a report released by Kashmir Media Service on the occasion of International Youth Day, today, Indian forces are brutally murdering Kashmiri youth for demanding their just rights, including the right to self-determination and plebiscite, under the supervision of the United Nations.

It said, the world is commemorating International Youth Day but youth in the occupied territory are being targeted, killed and arrested under black laws by Indian troops and police personnel on a daily basis.

The report pointed out that the Indian troops had intensified fake encounters and extra-judicial killings of Kashmiri youth in so-called cordon and search operations since 5th August 2019 when Modi-led fascist Indian government repealed its special status and imposed military siege in the territory.

It said that the Indian troops martyred 146 Kashmiri youth and arrested over 800 this year while over 96,100 Kashmiris, mostly youth, had fallen to the Indian bullets since 1989 till date in IIOJK.

“Modi-led Indian regime must understand that no amount of brutalization, military might and anti-Kashmiri policy will be able to subjugate the Kashmiris. India can kill Kashmiri youth but it cannot defeat their stand and sentiment on Kashmir resolution. The Kashmiri youth are determined to continue their struggle till complete success,” it added.

The report said history is witness to the fact that freedom movements and political future of the people cannot be suppressed by military and state terrorism or killings. It said the world community, mostly the United Nations, is duty-bound to stop injustice, brutalities and merciless killing of youth in IIOJK and it must come to the rescue of the Kashmiris. India must be held accountable for its heinous crimes and continued human rights violations in the occupied territory, it added.—INP


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