‘Poor sanitation increasing diarrhoea cases’



Expressing concern over the growing number of diarrhoeal disease cases, health experts  urged the government to take immediate measures to improve sanitary conditions of the city which has literally been invaded by the swarms of flies since the onset of the monsoon.

The disease burden would increase if timely action was not taken, they warned.“Yes, the number of diarrhea patients has increased during the monsoon.

Many cases appear like cholera, but actually they are not and the patient gets better within three to four days with oral rehydration therapy and use of ispaghol,” medical superintendent of Dow Hospital Dr Zahid Azam said, adding that adults were being affected more than children.According to him, patients go to a tertiary care hospital only when the disease gets serious.

Hence, the number of unreported cases must be higher than what is being reported at tertiary care hospital as most patients with this illness turn to a general physician practicing in their neighborhood.Dr Azam, also a gastroenterologist, blamed filthy civic conditions and consumption of stale/contaminated food for the spread of diarrhoeal diseases.

According to experts, citizens must take care of hygiene especially hand-hygiene for disease prevention, avoid consumption of food outside home and use boiled water.Sharing similar opinion, Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro, a senior general physician, said elderly citizens were being affected more with diarrhoeal diseases, most of them with loose stool, stomach cramps, fever and vomiting at his clinic.

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