Political stability essential for economic & financial stability: Alvi

Faisal Zahid Malik

President Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday said that he had been trying to bring the political and other stakeholders to one table to hold negotiations in order to get consensus over major issues to normalize the political situation.

Talking to Karachi-based journalists, at Governor House, here the President said that normal situation was very crucial for economic and financial stability of the country.

Expressing his views, he said that an important appointment falling in the month of November should pass exactly as envisaged under the relevant provision of the Constitution and relevant laws.

However, in his opinion, the subject appointment may be made in consultation with the relevant stakeholders.

He said that the use and adaptation of agreed upon use of technology in the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections may be deliberated upon by the relevant forums to avoid perpetual allegations of rigging after every election.

He hoped that with the continuity of the democratic process things would eventually fall into place.

He said that he is a humble man and is of the view that only history will determine his performance as a President.

He said that the ultimate aims and objectives of leaders and visionaries were the development of the country and the progress of the people.

The President further said that social media had enhanced and amplified people’s reach and provided a means to communicate with millions of people without incurring substantial costs.

He said that social media platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok and Facebook have created their own separate niche and space.

He said that we should endeavour to understand its full dynamics, influence, efficacy and effect and embrace its positive aspects and learn to avoid and limit its negative fallouts like fake news, disinformation and hearsay.

He said that we should further strengthen our resilience while reacting to everything that is injected in the media and only those things may be taken into proper consideration which were authentic, verifiable, and evidence-based to avoid confrontation and remain focused on the political and economic well-being of the country.

The President said that as compared to our neighbours, our nation successfully emerged out of the COVID-19 pandemic and was able to save lives and livelihoods of the people through education and communication.

He added that the country also faced a shortage of essential commodities and high inflation due to the Russia-Ukraine war and recently faced catastrophic floods.

“We need to resolve our issues and waste no time to put the country on the speedy path of progress and prosperity”, he said.

In reply to another question, the President said that he had proposed a high-level advisory body to provide leadership in Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing so that a definite direction was provided to the relevant institutions and departments for moving forward which, he said, took a backstage due to political developments.

He said that in his opinion such developmental projects and initiatives should continue to remain in limelight.

He said that the right decisions made at the right time, quality decision-making, intellect and knowledge, trained and capable human resources and persistent efforts in the right directions, just and fair application of laws in all situations and on all persons in its true spirit, intent and purpose would help in accelerated development and prosperity of the country.

Replying to another question, he said that we should take immediate and concrete steps to realize the full potential of Gwadar port and other related projects, speed up our work processes and systems to attract and retain foreign investors in large numbers and fully exploit opportunities available to Pakistan in the trade and business sectors for making fast track progress and development.


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