Police claim beggars renting out infants to bait pity





In a horrific unearthing of a crime modus operandi where suspects pick up innocent minors and force them into street beggary networks, police said on Friday they have detained two women suspected to rent out human minors for amassing alms.Police in Gabol Town claimed to have arrested today two begging women who had in their custody one 3-month-old girl and a one-and-a-half-year-old boy.


It was upon suspicion that the police arrested the women and following the investigation the police learned both of the human children were intoxicated.

Both the minors were dozing off due to being drugged, police claimed.It was upon interrogation that the police wrung out a confession from the suspected women, that they brought these kids from their neighbors.

Police have booked both the women, Samina and Poonam, on charges drawn from Beggary Act and have begun the search for minors’ parents.

Earlier this week, it was reported the police finally lodged an FIR and began case probe well into the third day since one-year-old Jannat Gul was abducted as a veiled woman allegedly snatched the missing girl from her minor brother.

Jannat’s aggrieved family had been protesting the callous and irresponsive treatment by police as they had been denied complaint even as they suffer their child going missing.

However, the family still claims police did little to find their minor girl who was abducted Sunday evening, allegedly by a veiled woman as her five-year-old brother.