Police arrest dozens during snap checking


The Dolphin Squad and Police Response Unit arrested 28 persons including 22 wheelie-doers, four kite-flyers, and two involved in jubilant firing and fireworks during the week.

During the stop-and-search operations, more than 298,000 persons were checked, 240 motorcycle thieves and 44 other persons were arrested. The police recovered 10 motorcycles, 19 mobile-phones and thousands of rupees in cash from the suspected criminals.

In a drive against weapons and narcotics, the police recovered 15 pistols, three rifles, several bullets, seven bottles of alcohol, hashish and heroin.

During patrolling, 26 proclaimed offenders, 37 hardened criminals and 99 court absconders were arrested.

The Dolphin Squad and Police Response Unit meanwhile responded to 1,529 calls received on the helpline 15.