PMSA saves life by providing timely assistance



A PMSA boat saved the life of unconscious fishermen Abid Ali from a fishing boat Safina-e -Waleed (BFD No 14855) in seas South of Gwadar.

A distress call was received at PMSA Maritime Rescue Coordinator Center (MRCC) Gwadar about a severely injured fisherman who fell on boat’s deck sustaining severe chest injury. PMSA immediately dispatched its Fast Response Boat (FRB) with medical team onboard.

The FRB swiftly reached the fishing boat and conducted Medical Evacuation operations; the crew was safely shifted to FRB where necessary first aid was provided by the medical team.

Upon reaching Gwadar fish harbour the unconscious crew was shifted to GDA hospital for further medical examination and treatment through PMSA ambulance. Timely intervention by PMSA saved a precious life affirming PMSA’s role as a protector of our fisherman community.


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