PM’s vision of feeding hungry is in accordance with Islamic principals: Neelum

Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of feeding the hungry and the poor of the country is in accordance with the golden principles of Islam and an important feature of the Riasat-e-Madina.

First Lady Bushra Bibi is supporting the prime minister’s mission and in this regard her efforts are of great value.

These views were expressed by Chairperson Panahgah (Shelter Home) and Senior Vice President of the PTI Women Wing Neelum Khan Toru in a statement issued Sunday.

The first lady’s recent initiative towards the establishment of the first centre of Sufism, Science & Technology (S&T) in Lahore should be welcomed as Islam in the sub-continent spread through teachings of the Sufis and it was because of their message of universal love and peace that people embraced Islam and followed these Sufis’ teachings, Toru said.

Bushra Bibi is also striving for the uplift of Panagahs, Langar Khanas, shelter homes and child protection bureaus, said she.

Setting up a Sufism Research Centre for Science & Technology would indeed go a long way in promotion of Sufism not only in the Punjab but the entire country, Neelum Toru further said.

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