Covid-19 vaccination drive witnesses a sharp increase

Staff Reporter

The Covid-19 vaccination drive has witnessed a sharp increase as more than 10,000 people got themselves jabbed during the last 24 hours at 23 operating centres of the district.

Chief Executive Officer District Health Authority told media that a total of 357,534 vaccine doses have been administered since the vaccination administering drive launched on March 10 while over 10,000 were administered alone on Monday.

Dr Faiza said that number of beneficiaries being vaccinated every day was showing a progressive increase.

She informed that as many as 4942 people had been inoculated the vaccine at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital (THQH) Taxila, 923 at THQH Murree, 2615 at THQH Kahuta, 5339 at THQH Gujar Khan, 573 at THQH Kotli Sattian, 2034 at THQH Kallar Sayda, 10,939 at Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology, 5434 at Holy Family Hospital, 3769 at DHQ Hospital, 9298 at Benazir Bhutto Hospital, 699 at Govt T.B Sanatorium Samli, 10,264 at Wah General Hospital, 93,908 at Shahbaz Sharif Complex, 21,819 at Tehsil office(TO)Taxila, 12,505 at TO office Kallar Syedan, 29,218 at TO office Gujar Khan, 2006 at TO office Kotli Sattiyan, 4420 at TO office Murree, 68,201 at TO office Potohar, 11,652 at TO office Kahuta, 6875 District Health Office, 234 Government Wapda hospital while 49,867 people received the jab at Red Crescent vaccination centre.

Meanwhile, according to data shared by the district administration, the number of totals positive cases has reached 26,256 including 24,252 belonged to Rawalpindi and 2004 from other districts after the addition of 21 more positive cases during the last 24 hours.

The report told that 24,716 patients having positive results were discharged after recovery while 1193 were quarantined including 722 at homes and 471 in isolation centres.

“Presently 105 confirmed patients were admitted to various city facilities, counting 24 in Holy Family Hospital, 18 in Benazir Bhutto Hospital, 35 in Institute of Urology, 24 in Fauji Foundation Hospital, 3 in Bilal hospital and one in Hearts international hospital while four lost their battle of life during the last 24 hours,” the health authority report said.

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