PM’s right approach


AS health of former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif is not improving and reports speak of his critical condition, Prime Minister Imran Khan has done well in issuing a statement expressing concern over his health, praying for his fast recovery and issuing instructions to party leaders not to offer remarks about state of health of MNS. These gestures are likely to have salutary impact on the already tense political environment.
Political differences notwithstanding there are humanitarian aspects to health issue, which must not be compromised under any circumstances. Judicial and legal processes are taking their own course and these are being commented upon by different segments of the society in their own way but when it comes to threat to the life of a person due to health problems, extreme caution should be exercised not to add salt to injuries. There have been some unbecoming remarks from governmental spokesmen about nature of disease and whether MNS was actually suffering from any disease or not. This was also done in the case of his spouse Kulsoom Nawaz, who later embraced death. Nawaz and Maryam were not allowed to visit the ailing Kulsoom and the same mistake needs to be averted in the case of ailing Nawaz Sharif. No doubt, the Prime Minister has issued instructions for provision of best possible medical care to Nawaz but there should be no hesitation for a moment to send him abroad if the treatment in some foreign medical institution can help save his life.