PM’s invitation to Opposition


IN a series of tweets on Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan invited Opposition parties for discussion on electoral reforms in order to make election process credible and transparent.

This certainly is a positive gesture on part of the Prime Minister and must be reciprocated in same manner.

It is unfortunate that our election process is always marred by controversies and allegations of rigging.

The same was witnessed in NA-249 Karachi by-poll where losing parties have cast aspersions on polling process.

Such behaviour from political parties is only eroding people’s confidence from parliamentary democracy and this is one of the reasons of very low turnout at the Karachi election.

The PTI government has repeatedly shown its intent to bring electoral reforms with consensus after consultations with Opposition parties.

However political polarisation has reached such levels that Opposition seems unwilling to accept PM’s offer to create consensus on this national cause.

Though next elections are almost two years away such process of reforms takes time.

While it’s duty of PTI government to create conducive political atmosphere for dialogue, we also urge Opposition to rise above political differences and sit with government to craft such a mechanism that provides safeguards against corrupt practices in elections. All political parties need to demonstrate maturity and flexibility on this matter.

We will also advice PTI government to contact Opposition parties through backdoor channels in order to establish working relationship.

Afterwards, a parliamentary committee can also be constituted to work out elaborate electoral reforms in order to ensure free, fair and credible elections.


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