An inspirational personality


THOSE who serve the people with sheer commitment and dedication while standing up against all odds belong to an extraordinary lot and they must be recognised and appreciated.

Punjab government is lucky enough to have in its rank a compassionate personality like Health Minister Yasmin Rashid who has thrived on hard work and dedication to her job.

She is an inspirational personality and a role model for politicians, ministers and doctors as well.

While battling against cancer, the way she provided leadership in fight against Covid-19 is really commendable. Yasmin Rashid underwent breast cancer surgery five months ago.

Her treatment was successful, but she is still undergoing chemo and despite that she can be seen working tirelessly day and night during these testing times when the pandemic is again on the rise.

She is still chairing meetings regularly to ensure that capacity of health infrastructure is enhanced to cope with greater number of patients.

Addressing media the other day, she said Covid-19 situation is being monitored on daily basis and that provincial government is increasing reserved beds for Corona patients as well as ventilators and oxygenated beds at public sector hospitals.

Her dedication to work is an accurate description of ‘serving the people’ while fighting a battle both inside and out. From far and wide, she is being appreciated for this fighting spirit.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also acknowledged her leadership role in the fight against Covid-19.

Indeed it was under her supervision that the province of Punjab developed a 1000 bed field hospital at the Expo centre in Lahore besides developing several bio-safety level laboratories and quarantine and isolation facilities in big cities.

Despite her medical condition, it is inspiring to see her still putting in her best effort to further enhance the capacity of hospitals to cope with rising number of Corona patients.

People like her are indeed an asset for the country. The entire nation prays for her complete recovery.

We are confident that she will continue her struggle to bring improvement in the health system that provides treatment to all in a dignified manner.