PM’s Consistent Stand on Corruption


Indisputably, Prime Minister Imran Khan is the only leader who has taken an unswerving stance against corruption.  During a conversation with the digital media publishers and broadcasters on Sunday, he once again talked at length about the menace of corruption, regretting that corruption is not considered a crime and status quo is in vogue everywhere. The PM once again refused to give any NRO to the corrupt leaders saying it will prove to be disastrous for the country.
There is no denying the fact that corrupt practices have affected every fabric of our society. In fact the country would have been in a far better economic position today had this evil been nipped in the bud.  However, the Prime Minister should also take a realistic analysis of his anti-corruption narrative as currently there is a general impression amongst the people that it is only directed against the political opponents. The Assets Recovery Unit was established but the people are raising questions as to how much the looted money has been recovered so far from the corrupt leaders. This anti-corruption drive also rests on the flawed assumption that once the corrupt politicians are taken to task, illicit practices will automatically come to an end. There are numerous other corrupt practices especially in our public sector departments that have made the people’s life miserable and need to be eradicated with full force. For Instance, to get a gas or electricity connection, one has to grease the palm of officials concerned. Then everybody knows as to what is happening at the police stations or the lower courts. Without bribing the police officer, a crime report is not registered.  Hence, in our view, ending corruption requires institutional measures and reforms that can prevent rampant corruption from occurring in the first place. We are not asking the PM to end the cases against corrupt leaders but the focus should also be given to ending corrupt practices in our departments to provide relief and bring a genuine change in the life of the people.

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