PML-N leaders parted over Nawaz, Shahbaz stances

Amraiz Khan

Bilawal Bhutto’s participation in Shahbaz Sharif’s dinner and statement regarding Nawaz Sharif has pushed the PML-N leaders into hot water to decide to support Maryam’s aggressive policy or compromising one of Shahbaz Sharif.

According to details, the PML-N leaders are becoming increasingly restless in the current political situation. League leaders are facing difficulties as party policy is not clear.

According to PML-N sources, party president Shahbaz Sharif has adhered to the statement of reconciliation while PML-N leaders Nawaz Sharif, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Maryam Nawaz have adopted separate and aggressive statements.

The majority of the party are is in favour of Shahbaz Sharif’s statement of reconciliation but the leaders are hesitant due to two contradictory statements in the party.

Party President Shahbaz Sharif is working to bring all the opposition parties, including the PPP, on one platform. Sources said that PPP also supported Shahbaz Sharif’s statement.

According to PML-N sources, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Maryam Nawaz have come out against the thinking of Shahbaz Sharif while Rana Tanveer, Khawaja Saad Rafique and other leaders are in favour of Shahbaz Sharif’s position.

However, they are silent on the issue as party president Shahbaz Sharif has so far barred them from making statements, while Shahbaz Sharif has been trying to persuade the party leader.
Meanwhile, PML-N has decided to give tough time to the government in the budget.

Shahbaz Sharif gave important instructions to the party’s economic advisory council regarding the budget session.

PML-N President and Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif has given important instructions to the party’s Economic Advisory Council, Parliamentary Party regarding the budget session and said that they will resist the passing of budget as it is against the public interest.

Shahbaz Sharif further directed that a pre-budget seminar should be organized to inform the people about the real situation of the economy.

It is important to explain to the citizens how the economic realities are being manipulated and falsified. Tell the
nation the reality of the economy, he added.

He said that due to wrong statistics of wheat, the country has already lost billions of rupees. Once again, this incident is being repeated.

Citizens are paying the price of government economic manipulation every day due to inflation.