PML-N demands fresh elections Saad dubs PTI govt ‘champions of rigging’

Staff Reporter

The Pakistan Muslim League-N leaders have de-manded immediate fresh elections across the coun-try. Senior PML-N leaders Khawaja Saad Rafique, Ayaz Sadiq and others raised this demand during a press conference in Lahore.

Khawaja Saad Rafique said that the government is unable to control this situation. “The mandate found or given to Imran Khan has completely failed. Paki-stanis want this government should go home before the next sun rises.”

Rafique dubbed the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf gov-ernment “champions of rigging”, hitting out at the ruling party over the findings of an inquiry report released a day ago by the Election Commission of Pakistan on irregularities in the Daska by-poll.

Opposition is united in Parliament and all opposi-tion parties have have same stance on Election Re-forms and NAB Amendment Ordinance. Imran Khan should himself go before protests against him in the streets, he maintained.

The former railways minister said that no-confidence is a constitutional and legal way. “We do not have so many votes; the cracks of the ruling party have surfaced, so we should wait. We have seen all the experiences and did not play any game role to overthrow Imran Khan’s government,” he added.

“Imran Khan is digging the pit himself and unpopu-larity has gone to extremes. We are against over-throwing the government through groups.

Imran Khan himself should contact the opposition and resign after making a roadmap. It is better to decide for oneself instead of instability. We also ask the government allies to consider our point.”

On the occasion, PML-N Senator Musadik Malik said that France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Phil-ippines and USA have stopped using EVMs.

“These EVMs are being introduced so that the government is not subject to the people. Inflation is rising by 12 to 14 per cent every year. This East India Company is subject to the IMF,” he said.

The by-poll, conducted in the NA-75 constituency, had turned controversial following incidents of vio-lence, reports of rigging and the disappearance of 20 presiding officers.

Subsequently, the Election Commission of Pakistan had withheld the results of the by-poll and ordered re-election in the entire constituency on suspicion that the results may have been falsified.

A by-poll was again held in the con-stituency in April this year, with PML-N’s Syeda Nosheen Ifti­khar winning the contest by securing 110,075 votes.

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