PM woos investors


IT is heartening to see that the focus of Prime Minister Imran
Khan’s visit to the United States is to woo the investors, particularly expatriate Pakistani community, to invest in Pakistan. This was very much visible from his interaction with the business leaders as well as the trade and investment conference he addressed in Washington during which he fully highlighted the perks and potential of investment in different sectors of economy.
It is beyond any doubt that PM Imran Khan enjoys great respect in expatriate Pakistanis and the same was seen when he addressed the jam packed Capital Arena in Washington where Overseas Pakistanis from across the US and also some other countries gathered to set a record of a Pakistani Prime Minister’s address to the biggest ever gathering of expatriates. There is no doubt that these expatriate Pakistanis are a great asset as they send billions of dollars of remittances every year to their homeland which is helping it to cope with the current account deficit. Now as the incumbent Prime Minister enjoys the complete trust of Overseas Pakistanis, we are confident that his US visit will prove to be a complete success in bringing the investment from the expatriate community which was earlier reluctant to move to Pakistan due to variant reasons. Already during their separate meetings with PM Khan, these investors expressed their keen interest to invest in different sectors including food and health. The focus of this government is rightly on reviving industries and providing conducive environment to the investors. As security situation stands improved and a mechanism is in place for facilitation of investors, there is no reason that the investors from the US and other countries do not pour into Pakistan. It is only matter of presenting to them true picture of Pakistan as was done by PM Imran Khan during his meetings with the expatriate Pakistanis.