PM urges world to act against India over terror sponsorship

Observer report

Prime Minister Imran Khan once again urged the global community to mobilise international institutions against India for its role in sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.

In a series of Tweets, Imran khan said: “Once again, planning and financing of Lahore terror attack has links to Indian sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan. The global community must mobilise international institutions against this rogue behavior.”
The prime minister appreciated the diligence and speed of Punjab Police’s Counter-Terrorism Department in unearthing the evidence regarding the Johar Town, Lahore blast.

He also commended the excellent coordination among all civil and military
intelligence agencies.

“I instructed my team to brief the nation on findings of Johar Town, Lahore blast investigation today.

I appreciate the diligence & speed of Punjab Police’s Counter Terrorism Dept in unearthing the evidence & commend the excellent coordination of all
our civil & military intelligence agencies.”

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