PM sets good tradition


PRIME Minister Imran Khan always speaks high about supremacy of law and constitution. He proved that he really means so when he appeared before the Supreme Court in Army Public School tragedy case on a short notice regardless of the advice by some cabinet members against it as there was no written order.

He, however, came to the apex court, setting a good precedent which needs to be commended.

However, what is really important is to address the grievances of the parents of the martyred children in the APS tragedy in order to reduce their grief to some extent.

More than 145 children were martyred in the most despicable and horrific terror attack of Pakistan’s history in Peshawar in December 2014.

In the wake of the attack, the entire nation stood united and fully supported the security forces operation against the terrorist groups. As a result of this, peace largely stands restored in the country with no organized presence of terrorists.

Those who attacked the school were killed in an operation while some of those who were arrested after the tragedy were sentenced to death. However, the parents are also demanding action against those who failed to ensure the security of their children.

Hearing the case, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmad ordered the government to take action against those who showed negligence.

Indeed this matter should have been resolved long ago and the then government should have taken necessary action to console the bereaved families so that they would not have gone through all this pain.

The Supreme Court has done the right thing by taking suo motu notice of the complaints of the parents and now ordering the federal government to conduct an inquiry after hearing the version of the parents of the martyred children.

The government must constitute a committee headed by some upright person for this purpose.

The inquiry must be completed within timeframe given by the apex court as more delay will amount to rubbing salt on the wounds of the parents. As the matter is in the court, we are confident that the parents will get justice.

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