PM Imran lauds his economic team


Staff Reporter


Prime Minister Imran Khan has appreciated his team for turning around the national economy within a year with the indicators showing considerable increase in foreign direct investment, exports and remittances besides a sharp decline in the current account deficit.
In a series of tweets, the prime minister shared some data graphs indicating that the foreign direct investment had increased by 111.5 percent and the foreign private investment by 194 percent during one year.
The current account deficit was recorded at the 41 months low in September from US $1.27 billion to US $259 million.
The country’s exports had surged by 5.9 percent and imports declined by 18.6 during a year. When the PTI government took power, Pakistan had the biggest current account and fiscal deficit.
Both current account deficit and fiscal deficit of Pakistan in 2018 stood at US $ 18.25 billion and 2.26 trillion PKR respectively, the highest ever in Pakistan’s history.
Similarly, reposing trust in the government’s economic policies, the overseas Pakistanis had sent far more remittances as the indicators showed 17.6 percent increase in remittances during September this year.