PM Imran admires policeman for saving man who fell from train (Video)


LAHORE – An official of Pakistan Railways police has won the hearts of nation including Prime Minister Imran Khan with his heroic act of saving a man from being crushed under a moving train.

It is yet to be known where the incident happened but social media users have started praising the cop after the video went viral.

The video shows a man fell from a moving train when it was departing the platform. The policeman can be seen reacting quickly to save the person. He ran towards the man and pulled him away before it was crushed by the train.

It appears that delay of a second could cause a disaster.

Taking to Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan admired the cop for his dedication to work. He wrote, “This is where duty becomes sacred. Admiration for the commitment of the young policeman to serve the people”.

Social media users have called him brave and courageous over his act.

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