Philippines sees record coronavirus infections, death rate climbs


The Philippines reported a record in new coronavirus cases on Friday and warned the trend could continue as restrictions were relaxed in the capital region to try to spur economic activity.

The health ministry confirmed 17,231 new cases and 317 fatalities, the highest daily death toll in four months. Deaths reached more 1.8% of total cases, bringing the August average to 1.5%, versus 1.9% in July.

With more than 1.8 million cases and 31,198 deaths, the Philippines has one of the highest coronavirus tolls in Asia. The health ministry urged more people to identify infections sooner and get vaccinated to boost protection.

“Early consultation and testing would help to cut infections in homes, communities, and workplaces,” it said in a statement.

More than 26% of samples taken tested positive, the country’s highest positivity rate so far, while active cases hit 123,251, a four-month record.—AP