PHC directs hospitals to increase beds for Covid-19 patients

Staff Reporter

The Punjab Healthcare Commission on Saturday has directed all the private hospitals of the province to increase the number of beds considering the current surge of the Covid-19 patients.

As per a directive issued to administrations of all the private hospitals, which are treating the Covid-19 patients, to increase the number of beds in the isolation wards, high dependency units, and intensive care units to treat patients.

Also, they have been directed that these wards and units must be fully equipped with all necessary human and other resources in line with the guidelines and standard operating procedure, issued by the Punjab government from time-to-time.

Moreover, such private hospitals, which discontinued their Covid-19 treatment facilities with the decline in the number of patients, have also been directed to make immediate arrangements for restarting of the treatment.

The administrators have been further directed to submit compliance reports to the Commission within 48 hours from the issuance of the directive.

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