Petroleum sector projects get Rs1,339.589m in 11 months

Staff Reporter

The government has so far provided funds amounting to Rs1,339.589 million during the current fiscal year to execute petroleum sector projects under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP 2020-21).

According to the official data as of May 21 that showed a slight readjustment in funds’ allocation and releases, an amount of Rs1,339.589 million had been authorized against the total allocation of Rs 1,821.520 million for the timely and smooth execution of the projects.

As per the initial PSDP allocation details, the government had earmarked an amount of Rs1,662.684 million for five ongoing projects, out of which Rs100 million were meant for expansion and up-gradation of Pakistan Petroleum Corehouse (PETCORE), Rs 6.524 million for exploration and evaluation of coal in Nosham and Bahlol areas of Balochistan, Rs303.160 million.


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