Petroleum Division rejects news about lobbies against TAPI gas pipeline



The Petroleum Division (PD) Tuesday rejected a news item titled “Lobbies become active against TAPI Gas Pipeline,” which appeared in a section of the press on January 18.
A spokesperson for the Petroleum Division has categorically denied ‘baseline of the story.’
He said the ‘content and figures’ quoted in the story were misleading and inaccurate, and “lend a negative motive to the article while attributing it to sources/officials,” a Petroleum Division press release said.
“The simple fact being that the cost of TAPI gas which will be additional gas has to be compared to additional LNG, NOT old LNG contracts.”
At current rates, the spokesperson said, additional LNG being procured today, after re-gasification cost at least 10 percent less than current price formula under Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India (TAPI).
The Petroleum Division would continue to work in national interests and “is cognizant of maintaining mutually beneficial relations with Turkmenistan and other stakeholders in TAPI.”
The spokesperson said the project was important for Pakistan, and the Petroleum Division would vigorously continue to work on it, while protecting commercial interests of Pakistan.
Such stories that were factually incorrect only harmed the national interests and should be avoided, he added.—APP