Percentage of Thalassemia patients stands at 8.1 in Baloch population


An alarming increase of Thalassemia disease has been witnessed in Balochistan during the last few years as the percentage of the disease among the Baloch population stands at 8.1 and 5.6 in the Pash-tun dominated areas.

“The health experts are con-tinuously suggesting proper legislation in this con-nection to diminish the hazard of inherited disease,” Parliamentary Secretary Law and Parliamentary Affairs Dr Rubaba Khan Buledi said on Saturday.

In her message with regards to World Thalassemia Day, she noted that about one thousand children are born with Thalassemia in Balochistan every year. “According to the available data, one lakh children are suffering from this disease in Pakistan at pre-sent, while another five thousand children are being diagnosed with this disease every year”, Dr. Rubaba added.

Dr. Rubaba Khan shared that the situation of this disease is getting worse in Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area, adding that the disease was becoming more and more prevalent among the Baloch and Pashtun tribes of the prov-ince. In Baloch majority areas, the rate is recorded at 8.1% while in Pashtun majority areas it is 5.6%.

Dr. Buledi further explained that it is an inherited disease, which is transmitted from parents to chil-dren through genes. “Experts in Pakistan are pro-posing legislation to test each person before mar-riage so that people with Thalassemia minor genes do not get married to each other, thus reducing the number of new Thalassemia patients.


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