People complain of low gas pressure, power load shedding


The district administration on Monday held Khuli (Open) Katchehri to listen and resolve issues of people at their doorsteps.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Relief) Muhammad Imran Khan, Additional Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Azhar Khan, Assistant Commissioners (Trainee) Dr Eza Arshad and Khula Tariq, Tehsildar Muhammad Jameel , officers of concerned departments, revenue staff, public representatives and a large number of people participated in the open court held at Safid Dheri area of Tehsil City Peshawar.

On this occasion, the people informed the district administration about various issues including excessive load shedding, low voltage, low gas pressure, encroachment and demanded cleanliness drive in the area.

They demanded to take action against encroachment mafia in the area. On this occasion, other persons also spoke openly with the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Relief) about their problems and gave written applications. —APP

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