PDM brings country on brink of collapse: Musarrat


Spokesperson to CM and Punjab government Musarrat Jamsheed Cheema in a statement said that the children of corrupt gangs are getting acquitted from the courts.

The decision of our country’s destiny should be made by the power of public mandate instead of the corrupt mafia. We will not let the mission of our enemy countries with regard to impede the progress of Pakistan to succeed at any cost.

She queried the federal government whether it is a part of the regime- change operation to make Pakistan a bankrupt country. Musarrat Jamsheed Cheema in a statement about the judgement to restore assets of Ishaq Dar and his bank accounts remarked that thieves are acquitted from all charges of corruption by giving them NRO Plus.

She stated that on the hand the biggest leader of Pakistan even after sustaining four bullet injuries is denied of a basic right to get an FIR registered let alone getting justice. She reprimanded that the corruption money retrieved is being handed back to the dacoits who wreaked havoc with the national economy.

It seems that the imported government would nominate Ishaq Dar for the Presidential Award for being a champion of corruption.

The nation is witnessing that no thief or a plunderer remained deprived of getting NRO from the incumbent government, concluded Musarrat Jamsheed Cheema.