PAL announces literary awards worth Rs5m


Asad Muhammad Khan gets Rs1m
life-time achievement ‘Kamal-e-Fun’ award

Zubair Qureshi

The Pakistan Academy of Letters has announced senior writer, critic and intellectual Asad Muhammad Khan as recipient of the country’s highest literary award, Kamal-e-Fun for the year 2019.

This was announced by Chairman of the PAL Dr Yousuf Khushk at a press conference after a meeting of the award committee held at the PAL on Thursday.

Kamal-e-Fun Award is the highest literary award in the field of literature for recognition of lifetime’s achievement in creative and research work. The amount the award carries along is Rs 1million.

In addition, 20 national literary awards of Rs 200,000 each were also announced for the writers, poets and researchers in different languages.

These awards are given on the best literary books written during the year (2019) in Urdu and other Pakistani languages.

According to the decision of the panel, for Urdu Prose (Creative Literature) Saadat Hasan Manto Award is given to Tahira Iqbal for her Book “Giran”, for Urdu Prose (Criticism & Research) Baba-i-Urdu Moulvi Abdul Haq Award is given to Mian Muhammad Afzal for “Mir-e-Karwan”, for Urdu Poetry, Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal Award is given to Abrar Ahmad for “Mohom Kee Mahek .”

For regional languages, the Punjabi Poetry Syed Waris Shah Award is given to Tajamul Kaleem for his book “le Das”, for Punjabi Prose Afzal Ahsan Randhawa Award is given to Shahid Shedai for Paheli Neendar Magroon.

For Sindhi Poetry Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Award is given to Ashfaq Azar for his book “Isheq Jan Ko Sughar Aahe.”

For Sindhi Prose Mirza Qaleech Baig Award is given to Dr Adal Soomro for his book “Sindhi Adabi Sangat: Hik Tahreek” and Rasool Memon on his book “Akh Chhinbh.”

For Pushto Poetry Khushhal Khan Khattak Award is given to Asmat Durrani for his book “Margha Aaloozi la Gha Kha”, for Pushto Prose Muhammad Ajmal Khan Khattak Award is given to Dr. Muhammad Humay-oon Huma for “Da Zondan Da Qisa De.” For Balochi Poetry Mast Tawakli Award is given to Saeed Tabassum Mazari for “Bayataee Dastan Razan” and for Balochi Prose Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi Award is given to Dr. Ghafoor Shad (“Balochi Zaban Bunza u Nebashta Rahband).

For Seraiki Poetry Khwaja Ghulam Fareed Award is given to Nadar Lashari for his book “Godrri” for Seraiki Prose Dr. Maher Abdul Haq Award is given to Abdul Basit Bhatti (“Banda Bhah Hawa Te Pani).

For Brahui Poetry Taj Muhammad Tajal Award is given to Arif Zia for “Gindarna Seekha” while for Brahui Prose Ghulam Nabi Rahi Award is given to Afzal Mengal (“Phaki”).

In Hindko Poetry, Saeen Ahmad Ali Award is given to Muhammad Hanif (“Angar”) while for English Prose Pitras Bukhari Award is given to M H Naqvi for the book “The Selected Works of Abdullah The Cossack” and for English Poetry Daud Kamal Award is given to Aamnah Shahid for her book “The Sequeezed Emotions.”

For Translation Muhamamd Hasan Askari Award is given to Najam ud Din Ahmad for his book “Fasana-e-Aalam” Each award carries a cash prize of Rs 200,000. Federal Minister Shafqat Mahmood congratulated the recipients of the award.

The panel of judges comprised: Kishwar Naheed, Prof. Dr Peerzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Dr. Rauf Parekh, Prof. Dr. Nazeer Tabassum, Asghar Nadeem Syed, Ayaz Amir, Jameel Ahmad Paal, Muhammad Izharul Haq, Hafeez Khan, Dr. Fatima Hasan, Wusat Ullah Khan, Madad Ali Sindhi, Dr. Adal Soomro, Prof. Dr. Nabeela Rahman, Dr. Nasrullah Jan Wazir, Muhammad Ayub Baloch, Abdul Qayoom Sosan, Muhammad Hasan Hasrat and Haris Khalique.