Pakistani handicraft products attract Chinese market


Our Correspondent


Pakistani handicraft products have attracted a large number of Chinese businessmen and traders, says a report published by China Economic Net.
“May I know the price of that emerald?” questioned a Chinese businessman at the Matchmaking Webinar for Pakistani Handicraft Products in the Chinese Market in the recent week.
The bustling webinar had seen a number of Pakistani handicraft companies shared their product information of the handicraft products tailored for the Chinese market, including pink salt, jewelry, leather products, wood products, copper products, jade products, silver ornaments, pottery, bags, wallets, scarves, shawls, caps, shirts, jackets, footwear, Himalaya salt lamps, home decor, home linen, rugs, furniture, and other Pakistani handicraft products.
The report stated that Muhammad Younus Khatri from HB International, showcased gems including emerald, ruby from Swat in the seminar to find suitable Chinese buyers.
“Please write down your phone number or email so that we could contact you.” “Could you show us your WeChat?” Many Chinese buyers were more than interested in these stunning, glamorous Pakistani handicraft products.
According to suppliers from Pakistan, such matchmaking webinar offers opportunity for them to reach out for a larger market, including China, during the Covid-19 pandemic.
On top of that, they attach great importance to online selling. “We have bases in China, so most of our handicraft products can be customized and delivered by express to Chinese buyers,” one of the Pakistani businessmen mentioned.
As for China’s buyers, they welcome Pakistani friends to have their beautiful handicraft products exhibited in China when the pandemic was over. “Some of these products are never seen in China. Chinese people value civilization and history behind these products over anything because China itself could manufacture a lot of things.

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