Pakistan tops world normalcy index


Pakistan has been ranked first in The Economist’s World Normalcy Index, out of 50 countries.

The Economist’s “normalcy index” aims to track which countries are returning to their pre-pandemic levels, while using eight different indicators of hu-man behaviour that include; Time not at home, re-tail, office use, public transport, road traffic, flights, cinema and sports attendance.

Pakistan is followed by Nigeria, Britain and Germany on the list which was last updated on Friday.

The easing of restrictions and better mobility, along with the gaining momentum of the vaccination drive, have led to a gradual recovery of the econ-omy.

Speaking on this achievement, Minister of Informa-tion & Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhay said, “This shows our huge success fighting against the pan-demic. “

“The world appreciated Pakistan’s brilliant strategy against Corona. We are in a much better position than the rest of the world today,” he tweeted.

He noted that it is a fact that today Pakistan’s indus-try has been revived, the construction sector is fully operational, the agricultural economy is prosperous, IT exports have tripled, the income of workers, farmers and people working in the industrial sector has increased.—TLTP

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