Pakistan exposes India’s brutalities in Occupied Kashmir in UN


Imran Yaqub

New York

Pakistan’s intensified diplomatic efforts in the United Nations and United States at multilateral forums have been successful in bringing the world attention towards sufferings of kashmiris , exposing India’s brutalities and its nexus with terrorist organizations .
During recent days at the eve of Kashmir lockdown first anniversary, protests in front of United Nations and Times square were held by Pakistani, Kashmiri Americans and Sikhs. Protesters displayed posters and banners against Indian atrocities. Webinar series was conducted by Pakistani missions where politicians and experts showed the world real situation of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
Closed door United Nations Security Council special meeting over Kashmir issue was also significant one.
14 out of 15 Security Council members took part in the discussion with the Indonesia as the chair.
China and Pakistan pushed for the meeting owing to reports of human rights violations and a curfew in the Indian illegally occupied territory since 5 August 2019.
This meeting is the third on Jammu and Kashmir since August 16, last year. Two other closed door meetings were held in December 2019 and January this year.
This special meeting was called on Pakistan and china’s request and India could not stop the move. Diplomatic sources believe that Pakistan have been successful in unveiling India’s role in supporting terrorism against Pakistan and its vicious campaign against Kashmiris.
To highlight Indian brutalities, An innovative digital campaign #KashmiriLivesMatter at Times Square New York also played positive role for this purpose, it displayed 15 second neon sign message after every two minutes on TimesSquare.
On Kashmirseige day, cabs and trucks in Washington DC and New York displayed the Kashmir message that gained immense public attention. In New York ,200 taxis and trucks showed these digital messages about Kashmiri people’s right of self determination, stopping Indian aggression and calling upon the world to save humanity .
Pakistan ambassador at United Nations Munir Akram has exposed India’s ominous role in supporting and perpetrating terrorism against Pakistan and other neighboring countries and its result can be seen at diplomatic fronts as its anti-Pakistan campaign has little traction.
Besides promoting Kashmir cause, Pakistan’s diplomats at the UN have pursued a parallel campaign to unveil India’s role in promoting terrorism against Pakistan and it seems to be showing good results. Pakistan permanent mission in United Nations press wing headed by Press Counselor Dr Maryam Sheikh also play a vital role to highlight these efforts in media.
Last week, speaking in the Security Council’s debate on the nexus between terrorism and organized crime, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Munir Akram, termed India the “fountainhead of terrorism” in the region. He had explained this in an earlier statement during the “Counter Terrorism Week” organized by the UN Office on Counter Terrorism” (OCT).
In that speech, Ambassador Akram stated that India had used terrorism as a policy instrument against all its neighbors.


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