Pakistan envoy highlights ties between Islam and Orthodox Christianity

Addis Ababa

Today, Ambassador Shozab Abbas visited Saint Lalibela Monastery and met with Abba Tsige Silase Mezgebu (Komos), Administrator of Debre Roha St. Lalibela Monastery, Lalibela.

The Ambassador highlighted the fraternal relations between Islam and Orthodox Christianity since the time of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

He recalled the gracious and benevolent role of King Negus of Axum, who granted asylum to the first group of Sahabah, migrated from Makkah to Abyssinia in 615 AD.

The Ambassador visited Eleven Rock-hewn Monolithic Churches in Lalibela and extoled the spiritual spirit and strength of the creators, who constructed these marvels on the face of earth, under the instructions of King Gebre Mesqel of Lalibela.

The Ambassador highlighted the existing brotherly relations between Muslims and Christians of Pakistan, who are living side-by-side and contributing for the development of Pakistan and promoting interfaith harmony between the followers of the two great Abrahamic religions. While explaining the history of Christianity in Sub-continent.—PR

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