Pakistan Day parade cancelled due to bad weather


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Day is known for the military parade in which the country’s armed forces display their might in a march past while fighter aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) present a flypast.

This year, the much-touted parade, which was originally slated to be held on March 23, was delayed in wake of bad weather and was scheduled to be held at the President’s House on March 25.

In the latest development, the limited military parade has now been canceled as federal capital is facing downpour and thunderstorms under new weather system.

Earlier, only a limited number of guests were invited to the parade as Army cuts down the scale of the parade in an effort to contribute in the government’s austerity drive.

Despite no military show on the big day, the nation fully celebrates Pakistan Day with a commitment to ensure progress, prosperity, and a strong defence of the country.

Let it be known that Pakistan Day commemorates the passing of the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940, when the AIML demanded a separate nation for the Muslims of the British Indian empire.