Pakistan Day military parade postponed


The Pakistan Day military parade scheduled to be held on Thursday has been postponed due to weather conditions, Aiwan-e-Saddar. The military parade is observed each year on March 23. The event is at the centre of celebrations to commemorate the 1940 Lahore Resolution that called for the establishment of an independent country for the Muslims of British-ruled India.

The parade, which was to be held at the President’s House, would now be held on March 25, the Presidency said.

Earlier, the Pakistan Army decided to hold the annual parade of the armed forces on the Pakistan Day on a limited scale, joining the government’s austerity drive that aims at warding off the economic crisis.

Pakistan Army stands firmly united with the masses and will continue to work for the development of the country, the sources said.

Pakistan is facing an economic crisis and has been working for the revival of the IMF-stalled loan programme.