Pakistan-China relations | By Urooj Hayat


Pakistan-China relations

THE Pak-China friendship is described as higher than the Himalayas, deeper than the deepest sea, sweeter than honey by the leadership of both countries.

Pak-China relationship is unique in nature, which the Chinese describe through a particular Chinese terminology “Tie Gee Men Err” or simply “Ba Tie” which can be translated as “Iron Brothers” in English.

It is a unique case indeed in the international system that we live in. Chinese have reached economic progress with Pakistan’s cooperation.

As China’s investment in Pakistani infrastructural expand, the Chinese government announced the CPEC project in 2015 with an aim to expand its trade links and influence in Pakistan to grow better relationship between the two countries, in which Karot Hydropower Project is a great example of China-Pakistan friendship.

I have personally worked at Karot Hydro Power Project and it is an absolute pleasure working with the Chinese.

Not only has it helped me in my self-growth and learning their language and culture, I’ve had a great experience growing intellectually and learning how things are done in China. The Chinese are happy, hard-working, proud and free people and their model is far more effective in getting things done.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will enhance cooperation by win-win model which will result in a well connected and integrated region of shared destiny and harmony and China will also help Pakistan achieve great development in technological revolution.

This will be completed under industrial cooperation which will help Pakistan in achieving rapid economic development.

Karot Hydro Power Project is also being developed in a way which not only stimulates our economic growth but also provides a great basis for the local people’s integrity, development, and reduces poverty by providing jobs to the locals who are struggling to make both ends meet. This is just one example from a project.

CPEC has provided more than 20 energy projects to Pakistan. It not only provides financial support but also gives a chance to individuals to build a strong persona by living and working in challenges and adapting the skill of finding solutions to any problem causing hindrance.

Every individual working here is earning a decent salary for all the hard work they are putting in.

This project has also become a way to meet new people with healthy and productive minds and an urge to prove their skills and develop better plans.

Living and working here provides a big opportunity to be part of a social circle that influences your healthy thinking.

People residing in areas around the project sites are greatly benefitted from job opportunities and development of their entities.

On the whole, CPEC is the biggest project having all kinds of benefits to both nations and setting the bars high for other countries in their social interactions with other countries.

The harmony, dedication, and hard work of employees here is the core reason behind the project’s success.

Pakistan has no shortage of natural beauty, and after the development of energy projects, 3000 km road, hospitals, educational institutes, agriculture, irrigation system, human resources development and most importantly, poverty alleviation by China-Pakistan cooperation, tourists from around the world would visit Pakistan and Pakistan’s economy will flourish.

This is how the tourism and other sectors will most likely complement the GDP of Pakistan in upcoming years.

It is a wave of change in Pakistan and no doubt Pakistan is developing and becoming economically strong. May the Pak-China friendship prosper more and become stronger like steel.

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