Pakistan cautions India against ‘weaponising terrorism for diplomatic point scoring’


ISLAMABAD/NEW DELHI – Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto called on SCO members including India not to weaponise terrorism for diplomatic point-scoring, but to take stringent measures to crush the menace of terrorism.

Addressing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) moot on Friday, the country’s top diplomat made the remarks for refraining from diplomatic point scoring as the Indian Foreign Minister accused Islamabad of cross-border terrorism.

Bhutto Scion stressed collective security of the masses, calling it the joint responsibility of all member states, adding that it is crucial that stubborn aggravation and incitement to hate, especially on religious grounds must be denounced at a larger level.

He also raised his voice against racism and xenophobic ideologies, which according to the minister holds no place in modern world. FM said fundamental human rights and freedoms are guaranteed to all, noting that Islamabad condemns all forms of terrorism, and reiterated his commitment to be part of regional and global efforts for eradicating this menace.

Sharing his views on the poverty situation in the SCO member states, Bilawal called for joint efforts to mitigate financial sufferings of the masses, calling for joint efforts to overcome this challenge through common efforts.

The climate change topic also comes under discussion as the minister said the developed world must fulfill its pledgde of providing 100 billion dollars annually to fight climate change. “Pakistan strongly believes in and fully adheres to the principles of mutual trust, equality, respect for cultural diversity, and the pursuit of shared development enshrined in the original Shanghai Spirit,” he added.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization could be a key platform for taking this vision of Eurasian connectivity to the next level, he mentioned, adding that Islamabad’s location at the crossroads of South Asia and the Middle East makes it an ideal trade conduit for the whole region.

PPP leader also pointed out peaceful and stable Afghanistan which is crucial for fostering economic ties and maintaining global peace and stability.

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