Pakistan Army participates in UN Peacekeeping Exercise “Shared Destiny-2021”

Pakistan Army participates in UN Peacekeeping Exercise

According to a news statement released by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Saturday, the Pakistan Army recently participated in the multinational United Nations Peacekeeping Exercise “Shared Destiny-2021” at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Queshan training site.

The exercise, which focused on training for actions carried out by UN forces in various missions, also included troops from China, Mongolia, and Thailand.

“Participation of Pakistani contingent, their level of expertise and Pakistan’s continued large scale contribution to UN peacekeeping operations was greatly appreciated by all participants,” the ISPR stated.

On September 15, China completed the country’s first international peacekeeping exercise, showcasing the might of its military on a vast training field surrounded by mountains.

Soldiers in blue helmets took turns acting out different situations, such as a fight involving bystanders and refugees, or armed terrorists assaulting UN troops.

For the occasion, dozens of armored vehicles, bulldozers, helicopters, and tanks were mobilized, all bearing the UN emblem.

According to UN statistics, China was the eighth-largest provider of peacekeeping forces as of the end of July, with 2,158 military personnel stationed across the globe.

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