PAEC completes RFO of nuclear power plant C-3, at Chashma in 26 days


PAEC engineers and technicians completed Re-Fueling Outage (RFO) of nuclear power plant C-3, at Chashma in record minimum time of 26 days.

The RFO of Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) is a routine requirement for replacement of fuel repair and maintenance after every 14 to 18 months which is normally completed in 60 to 79 days. But this is first time in the history of Pakistani nuclear industry that Pakistani engineers and technicians have completed the RFO within shortest possible time.

All six nuclear power plants of PAEC are operational with optimum capacity factor and generating 3560 MW electricity in total and providing to the national grid. Four nuclear power plants at Chashma are supplying 1340 MW while K-2 and K-3 at Karachi are feeding 2220 MW to the national grid reaching to a 18.3 percent of the total electricity generation from all sources.

Nuclear power generation in the country has proved to be reliable, cost effective and above all zero-carbon emission electric source.


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