Overseas Pakistanis send Rs30b yearly: Sarwar


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar while proposing reserved seats in the National and Provincial Assemblies for Overseas Pakistanis said that overseas Pakistanis who send 30 billion annually, are the biggest asset to us.

The initiative of the digital portal for Overseas Pakistanis is a testament of love from Pakistan Tareek-e-Insaf and Overseas Pakistanis have also become part of democracy. Pakistan Tareek-e-Insaf government believes in transparency and merit.

We are working towards eliminating political interference from all institutions. Special judges are working in the subordinate judiciary along with the Lahore High Court to solve the cases of overseas Pakistanis.

The cases of overseas Pakistanis are being decided in months, not years. He was addressing the “Overseas Pakistani Convention” at Governor House, Lahore, while on this occasion Special Assistant to Prime Minister Syed Makhdoom Tariq, Advisor to Governor Punjab on overseas matters, Farooq Arshad, Member PTI Fahad Cheema, and overseas Pakistanis from all over the world including United Kingdom, Italy, France, German, Portugal, Saudi Arabia were also present in large numbers.

Addressing the convention and talking to the media, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the PTI government is taking measures to provide maximum facilities to overseas Pakistanis.

We have also launched a digital portal to facilitate Overseas Pakistanis. The acquisition of power of attorney has been a big problem for Pakistanis abroad but PTI government has also solved it.

Online verification and issuance of power of attorney will benefit thousands of Pakistanis abroad. Overseas Pakistanis are hardworking and the country is running on their remittances. Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that there is no doubt that Overseas Pakistanis value the country more and they want the country to develop.

Overseas Pakistanis are the most patriotic. In the past, instead of creating facilities for Pakistanis living abroad, difficulties were exacerbated but Pakistan Tareek-e-Insaf has provided relief and facilities to Overseas Pakistanis due to which they are investing more in Pakistan.

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