Overcharging continues as officials fail to implement rate list


The district administration has failed to implement the official rate lists, giving a free hand to the sellers to charge exorbitant prices from the consumers.Consumers are badly hit by inflation. Complaints against massive overcharging have been recorded across the City. Vegetables and fruits have been sold higher than the official rates.

Chicken rate has crossed Rs500 per kg mark and reached aRs509 per kg. This week price of chicken was further gained by Rs33 per kg, fixed at Rs327-339 per kg, sold at Rs370-390 per kg, and chicken meat by Rs50 per kg, fixed at Rs509 per kg, and sold Rs530-900 per kg.

The price of potato soft skin new A-grade was further reduced by Rs2 per kg, fixed at Rs35-38 per kg, B-Grade fixed at Rs30-33 per kg, C-grade at Rs25-28 per kg, mixed sold at Rs40-50 per kg.