Opposition’s ‘Black Day’ show has flopped: Firdous


Staff Reporter


Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Information Firdous Ashiq Awan said political dwarfs would not get public respect by criticizing PM Imran Khan.
Responding to opposition’s July 25 protest, she said on that day a process to end family politics and to empower institutions was started. She said corrupts, looter and landlords have been sent to a place which is perfect for them, adding that it was necessary to inform public about their wrongdoings.
She said people elected a brave leader on July 25 who put Panama thieves behind the bar. She further said July 25 is victory day for Pakistanis as it put an end to family politics.
Censuring PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto, she said Bilawal was crying for the flop show of Black day, adding that PPP leader was not crying for public but for fake accounts. She said the treatment to pain is return the looted money.
SAPM said there are two different rules for rich and poor in jail too but PTI has come to the power to end this discrimination. She said no one comes to the jail after doing holy things so one must get punishment in jail, adding that we want rule of law in the country.

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