Opposition, govt members exchange heated debate in Senate Opposition stages walked out

Ijaz Kakakhel

The House of parliament on Tuesday observed heated debate over economic situation of the country and the opposition senators staged walked out over absence of Advisor to PM on Commerce Abdur Razaq Dawood.

The debate begin over a call attention notice moved PPP senator Sherry Rehman, who wanted to draw attention of the Minister for Commerce towards the trade deficit of Pakistan that has reached 24.787 billion US Dollars in the first six months of the current financial year.

Speaking on the occasion, Sherry Rehman said that in first six months the country’s trade deficit widened despite government toll claims of higher exports. The trade deficit directly related to devalua-tion of Pak rupee, inflation in the country of the country and it also affect import/export policy of the government along with direct impact on daily lives of people. During last six months, she said that the import bill increased by 66%, which now reach to $40 billion which was $24 billion earlier. “We were told that trade deficit were improved but the fact was opposite.”

Always we were told that export on rise but the reality was different, she claimed Agenda of the government was to remove corruption in the country. Today, she said that Pakistan was gained 16 points on corruption, according to Transparency International. Yesterday, the govt remove Shehzad Akbar, who was always talking on corruption. The government was unable to respond over corruption, which was increased during the incumbent govern-ment tenure. What you people done with country, she asked from the government. Sugar, urea, wheat and other curtails were within the govt, she maintained. The government could not run on efficiency just calling opposition as thief and thief.

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