Opponents destined to fail, says Sarwar Says govt to complete its term with help of coalition, public



Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said that political opponents will fail in their plans despite their negative propaganda against the government and general elections will not be held before 2023.

“Coalition parties and the public are with the government and it will complete its constitutional term.”

Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar was talking with the assembly members and party delegations from various districts at Governor House on Monday.

The governor said the government doesn’t believe in confrontation rather wants to take everyone along including the opposition in the larger national interest.

Ch Sarwar said that despite the tall claims of the opposition to overthrow the government, PTI has completed more than three years, adding remaining years will also pass and general elections will be held in 2023. He further said that people will choose the next government through ballot.

He said that the opposition parties had been staging protests in the past as well but the government is not daunted with their threats, adding that it is clear that opposition parties are themselves divided and lack vision.

He said that the government is working on electoral reforms to make next elections transparent, adding that government has asked the opposition to support it in electoral reforms but the opposition not only created hurdles in electoral reforms but also in the matter of overseas Pakistanis’ right to vote. He said that this is not in the interest of the nation.

Punjab Governor said that provision of basic facilities to the masses including in the health and education sector tops government’s agenda.

He said that Insaf Health Card will be provided to all in Punjab province till December 2021. He said that Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority is working on 1500 filtration plants.

He said that the government has saved the country from bankruptcy through prudent economic policies, adding that all international organizations are acknowledging the economic stability of Pakistan.

He said that the government is taking practical steps to solve inflation and other problems and provide maximum relief to the masses.

Meanwhile, Punjab Minister for Human Rights Ejaz Alam Augustine inaugurated a blood donation camp at a local university on Monday.

Around one thousand students donated blood which will be given to children suffering from thalassaemia and haemophilia.

Provincial Minister Ejaz Alam said that saving one’s life by donating blood is a great virtue. It looks good that the younger generation was taking part in such good deeds, he said.

After Munno Bhai, Khalid Abbas Dar was supporting the ailing children and setting the best example of serving the suffering humanity, he said and presented certificates of appreciation to the members of the blood donation society.


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