Only 7pc women have bank accounts in Pakistan: SBP Governor


Irfan Aligi


State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Dr Baqar Raza said that only 25 percent of women in Pakistan have their individual bank accounts while our religion never barred women form such economic activity. There are many countries in the world that attained prosperous goals after they promoted the female population in economic and banking affairs.
He said that the SBP would welcome recommendations regarding a boost in women contribution in banking affairs and by facilitating them with equal opportunity; Pakistan could bring salient improvements in its economy and banking system.
Dr Raza said that all over the world, men have a dominating role with regard to bank accounts and almost 75 percent bank accounts are owned and operated by male population while only 66 percent bank accounts belong to female population.
Here in Pakistan, men’s share in bank accounts amounted to 25 percent while only 7 percent bank accounts are of women. In Saudi Arabia, 58 percent and in Iran, 92 percent women have their separate bank accounts.
The SBP Governor said that a programme has been initiated in 168 districts to create awareness among the female population of Pakistan. Women should come forward and benefit from loans on easy installments, he added.