Ongoing connectivity projects of USF to be completed by June


Over seventy connectivity projects worth Rs 65 billion Universal Service Fund (USF) are underway for the connectivity of far-flung would be completed by June this year.

“28 million people would get broadband facilities after the completion of these connectivity projects,” said an official of the ministry of IT.

He said, since its inception, USF has awarded 123 projects worth approximately Rs. 124.8 billion in subsidy under its flagship programs and empowered more than 26 million people living in over 12,000 mauzas, thereby covering over 120 districts across Pakistan.

USF has also successfully laid more than 12,000 km of Optical Fiber which has connected more than 600 Tehsil Headquarters (THQs)/Union Councils (UCs) and major towns of Pakistan and is paving the way for 5G technology.

He said, all these projects of USF are playing a vital role in gender empowerment and accelerating the accessibility of e-suite services that include e-education, e-health, e-agriculture, e-finance, and e-commerce, and bridging the digital divide in Pakistan.—APP